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"BFEW The EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and Turnkey Contractor."

BFEW is a multi-discipline company has expanded its staff engineering, technicians and consultants, both conventional and specialist disciplines more as EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and Turnkey Contractor. Also successfully carried out projects all over Bangladesh over the late three decades.

BFEW’s global and local network, knowledge and experience within a range of engineering disciplines guarantee the availability of qualified teams that provides solutions and complete functional designs for its clients.

BFEW provides engineering and design services to various domains include architectural, civil and structural services for general buildings, industrial structures and deep foundations; mechanical services like HVAC, Fire Protection and Utilities; Electrical and Instrumentation covering building and industrial electrification, Machine Design, building automation, substation and transmission lines, Petroleum products Storage Tanks etc. With its innovative and cost effective solutions.

Let us explain you more about our BFEW EPC services:

EPC stands for “Engineering, Procurement, and Construction”. That is a specific form of contracting planning used in particular industries or projects where the EPC Providers is made accountable for all the activities from design, procurement, construction, to commissioning also delivery of the project to the End-User or Owner.

The engineering and construction contractor will carry out the thorough engineering design of the project, procure all the apparatus and materials is necessary, and then build to deliver an operational facility or asset to their customers. Construction Companies that deliver EPC Projects are usually meant to as EPC Contractors.

Into the EPC stage of the project is also known as the Execution phase which usually follows what is known as a FEED or Front End Engineering Design phase. The FEED is an elementary engineering design used as the basis for the EPC level. The FEED can be divided into distinct packages covering different slices of the project. The FEED bundles are used as the basis for bidding on when the client offers the EPC work to the market.

Generally, the EPC Contractor has to perform and handed-over the project within an agreed time and budget. That places the risk for schedule and budget on the EPC Contractor.

The Project Vendor or client to the EPC Contractors will usually have attendance in the EPC Contractors offices during the execution of the EPC Contract. the EPC Provider is carrying out the works in harmony with the agreed scope of works and in accordance with the Contract Signed.

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Aren’t you comparing the EPC, Turnkey or LSTK Contractor with BFEW ?- If The answer is YES! Then check BFEW Turnkey or LSTK services below. So Keep Continuing Reading…

One of the distinct methods of carrying out global business is a turnkey project. The turnkey projects sense, a contract under which a firm decides to fully design, construct and prepare a manufacturing/ business/ service facility and turn the project over to the client when it is ready for the process for remuneration. The term turn-key plan (Turn-key delivery) describes a project (or the delivery of such) in which the contractor or provider is accountable to the client for the complete result of the project and presents it to the client entirely finished and ready to use.

At this point, the client should be able “just to turn the key.” The contractor of a turnkey project is called the general contractor (or main supplier, direct supplier or main contractor). Synonyms for the phrase turnkey project are a turn-key solution, turn-key delivery, or ready-to-use. In a turn-key project, the supplier takes on comprehensive accountability for the devotion to delivery dates, the scope and the cost of the total subject of delivery to the client. The customer thus is not affected by any risks inside the project and the result of the project is enclosed by one agreement.

LSTK is very well known in the industry simply stands for Lump Sum Turn Key. This is a pledged agreement in which a fixed price is settled for the completing of a project or part of a project. Once the final development is accomplished a completed performing asset is handed over to the owner or client, thus the term "Turn Key" which excellently means ready to use.

In some cases that can be related with the time, that a project owner would like the project to be delivered, BFEW engineering and construction company can be given work on a direct reimbursable basis to start with obeyed by alteration to LSTK once sufficient time and resources can be allocated to computing and pricing the scope of works. Before the agreed LSTK scope of works and price, there will be a negotiating an agreement between EPC Contractor and Project Owner.

BFEW has been completed lots of engineering projects, large construction projects i.e. construction of cement factories, power plants, skyscrapers, Bridges, etc. Please check our Major Projects Completed, Ongoing Project Page and Our Photo Gallery. That will boost up your vision towers us. We have experienced turnkey project is usually very complex and may include the development and design work, the construction and the delivery and set-up or apparatus of the project.

With our turnkey services, we are responsible to perform construction and commissioning, start-up and hand-over of the project to an owner, but in EPC, it may be the responsibility of another contract to do commissioning and start-up.

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BFEW Engineering services involve

• Basic Engineering
• Detailed Engineering
• Planning
• Construction Engineering

BFEW Procurement services involve

• Logistics & Transport
• Receiving
• Procurement
• Invoicing
• Purchasing

BFEW Construction services involve

• Electrical Installation

• Mechanical Erection

• Civil Engineering

The Commissioning services involve

• After-sales-service
• Testing & Commissioning
• Modernization of plants

Why should you hire a contractor?

Hiring construction companies is a good idea for new or remodeling construction projects. these contractors have a broad range of skills to direct, coordinate and complete a project. They will make sure your project completed on time and within your budget. Also, they are responsible for hiring and supervising all the necessary subcontractors, including electricians, welder, plumbers, etc. They will also manage to procure all the materials necessary for your projects.

Some owners look to save money by trying to do their construction by own, but experienced contractors are surely worth the cost. They know local building codes, able to collect all required permits and work to make sure the construction meets your requirements. Also, because they can get professional discounts from the market, so usually they can buy materials at a cheaper price than you can; cheaper prices on materials and labor will save you money.

Why should you need to hire EPC contractor?

The purpose of an EPC is to handover a complete/ready to use the project to the owner or client into an agreed time and budget. Also analysis of a projects' energy use and usual energy costs and to make recommendations regarding how to reduce energy usages and increase the efficiency of the project. Under the EPC contract, BFEW is obliged to deliver a complete facility to a client or owner, who need only turn a key to start operating the facility. Want to Know More!

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Want to Know More ?

BFEW EPC contracts are the regular process of taking contract asking by the client that used to undertake the construction works of the private / government sector on large-scale and complex infrastructure projects. For more details...

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